Tips for Detection

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Below are some tips to help parents prevent or detect abuse: 

  • Be involved in your children’s activities.
  • Notice when someone spends a lot of time with your child. Talk with your child about what they do, who else is there, what kind of games they play, etc.
  • Believe your child. Listen seriously and sensitively to what your child says.
  • Teach your child to say no, get away, and to tell someone, if anyone tries to touch him or her inappropriately.
  • Teach your child: Your body belongs to you.
  • Explain to your child not to keep secrets that feel scary or uncomfortable.
  • Go through rules with your babysitter when your child is present.

Also remember:

  • Bad things sometimes happen even when we do our best.
  • Discuss abuse prevention in a constructive manner, just as you would other safety concerns. Fear does not keep children safe.
  • If abuse occurs, it is not the child’s fault.
  • Report the abuse immediately and seek medical help.
  • Remain calm and take what your child says seriously.